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Tachigami Rock rises where rough whitecaps froth, the symbol of Yonaguni

Rocks that rear up offshore of an island or at the mouth of a bay are generally called Tachigami (standing god) Rock. People regard them as sacred objects of worship. Yonaguni Island’s Tachigami Rock stands up vertically in the sea south of the San-ninu Heights scenic spot in the southeastern part of the island. There is a legend that once upon a time, some young people hunting seabird eggs climbed up Tachigami Rock and then couldn’t get down. They prayed to the gods and were delivered safely back to San-ninu. The Tachigami Rock observation platform is a five-minute walk from the San-ninu Heights.

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Address Okinawa Prefecture MAP
Access1 Approximately 30 min. from Ishigki Air Port by Airplane
Access2 Approximately 4.5 hrs. from Ishigaki Port by Boat


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