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Okinawan gourmet food

Okinawa’s unique food culture has been attracting a great deal of attention internationally. While a large number of researchers and health-conscious individuals from all over the world pay a visit to Okinawa every year to discover the secret to the Okinawa’s longevity, it’s commonly believed that the secret lies in the Okinawan food culture itself.
Being considered the secrets to longevity, Okinawa’s specialty products have grown in popularity nationwide over recent years. Among them are Okianwan vegetables cultivated in field with strong southern-island sunlight, seaweed and various other marine products, salt, and quality pork and beef raised in the nature-rich environment.
From restaurants housed in a traditional Okinawan house with red tile roof, small locally-owned eateries, and hilltop cafes with a great view to stylish restaurants, Okinawa offers an excellent variety of dining options. Take a culinary journey and enjoy mouthwatering dishes found only in Okinawa!

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